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The Los Angeles Movie Awards 2020

HELLOOOOOO 3RD CALL NATION! We did it!!!! 'Code' is now the Audience Award winner of the Los Angeles Movie Awards Winter 2020! Thank you to our most amazing cast and crew, as well as our family and friends, for making the trek out to Hollywood to support the film! We could not have done this without you!

We had an AMAZING time premiering 'Code' at the Los Angeles Movie Awards last night! We started the night at the historic Formosa Cafe in Hollywood and caught up with cast and crew over delicious appetizers and cocktails. It had been a few months since we had all seen each other so it was great to see what we were all up to and to share stories from production.

Above: Producer Blake Armstrong and actor Chris Cendana discuss 'the biz' over drinks Below: Producer Rico Dakhil calms the nerves before the festival.

'Code' was very well received at the festival and we enjoyed all the other awesome films in our block. Afterwards Aaron and I went up on stage and took questions from the audience, discussing our creative process while also discussing physician burnout as a national crisis. We were so pleased to see so many friendly faces in the crowd- always makes the Q&A easier!

Above: The crew at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, January 2020

Below: Aaron and I taking questions on stage with the other awesome filmmakers

We ended the night on a high note and departed feeling happy, validated, and overall content with where our project has taken us. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive on this filmmaking journey of ours- our work would not be nearly as meaningful without your encouragement and viewership, and we feel emboldened to take our craft to the next level in the near future. But first, on to the festivals! 'Code' is just getting started and racking up accolades and awards along the way. Who knows what's next for this little indie film from southern California! See you at the movies! -3rd Call

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