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Golden State Film Festival 2020 Wrap-Up

HELLOOOOO 3RD CALL NATION! What a night! It certainly was a night to remember at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood! All night our beautiful crew mingled with filmmakers and eager patrons of the Golden State Film Festival, and as cocktail glasses clinked and business cards passed from one starry-eyed Hollywood dreamer to the next, we kept focus and spread word about our little indie film about physician burnout.

When it was time for our screening, cast and crew could hardly squeeze into the sold-out theater, and even as the show started there were people in the aisles, their backs leaning against the red velvet walls. The caliber of films in our block was amazing, ranging from a tale about a desperate boxer trying to cut weight before a fight, (the gripping and intense, "Spirit"), to a moving redemption story involving a violent life and mental illness (the amazing indie short, "The Turnaround", which ended up winning the festival grand prize). 'Code' certainly had the audience's attention and held it's own in this phenomenal line-up of independent short films. At the Q and A, Cherubim, Aaron, and myself got up there to represent the film and we were honored to promote our message about burnout to the packed festival audience.

Oh what a night! After the showing, we floated on top of the world over the cemented handprints in front of the famous Chinese Theater, and ended up at the historic Roosevelt Hotel, where we took over the back portion of the Spare Room and sipped expensive whiskeys over the sounds of bowling balls rolling down the lanes behind us. As the night grew late, we celebrated in the success of our movie and toasted to the bonds and friendships that had come out of our beloved 3rd Call production team. As more than one person told me in impressed tones throughout the night, "Your guys' chemistry is really special; it really makes everything work!"

And to top it all off, Aaron and I received the most amazing honor of "Best Director' for the Short Narrative portion of the festival. We are still so amazed and flabbergasted. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!

A very big THANK YOU to Peter Greene, Jon Gursha, and rest of the amazing staff at the Golden State Film Festival for giving us this awesome, AWESOME experience. We were so surprised and honored to be invited to this festival last year for, 'The Uppermost', and now to have 'Code' follow suit is a dream come true. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for the encouragement and giving us this opportunity to play our movie the way it was meant to be played- on the BIG SCREEN! And to our beloved cast and crew- this night was for YOU! Thank you for coming along with us on this incredible journey, and I hope this marks only the beginning of the great adventure to come. Continue to trust in us, and we promise we'll do our damndest to keep getting our name out there and opening doors for everyone on our team! More to come! And thank you to everyone out there for your continued love and support! Stay tuned for updates, because 'Code' is starting to gather real momentum, and there's no telling where it could go from here! -3rd Call

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