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Getting Ready for 'Code'...

HELLOOOOO 3RD CALL NATION! We are so stoked for the Los Angeles Movie Awards, which take place tomorrow night, (Wednesday, January 15th), at The Complex Theater in Hollywood. There we will be showing the final polished version of 'Code' and will get to see for the first time a crowd of moviegoers reacting to our work. Will it go well? We are optimistic, but there's always that little bit of doubt...

Big props to co-director Aaron Little and production designer Tom Kwon for creating these 'St. Gerard Medical Center' visitor badges and 'Code' movie buttons. They're sure to make us stand out! Last year with 'The Uppermost' we wore buttons and stickers to all our festivals, and near the end we were easily recognizable by all our fellow filmmakers. Certainly helps to have professional product and graphic designers in the crew!

ABOVE: Aaron and Tom's awesome prop work for The Los Angeles Movie Awards! So now, as we sit here on the eve of our first movie premiere of the decade, we cannot help but express so many thanks and gratitude to our family and friends who have helped us get this far. Seriously, this is a dream come true. While I always knew we would keep creativity in our adult lives, I never could have imagined the heights to which we would take our projects. And that was all possible because of the love and support provided us. Thanks again, 3rd Call Nation! We'll see you tomorrow night at the movies!

ABOVE: Director of Photography Ray Wongchinda happily inspects his equipment on the set of 'Code'

BELOW: The crew last year at the Golden State Film Festival for 'The Uppermost' (note shiny 'Uppermost' buttons!)

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